The meaning of technology

Technology is collection of the tools such as machinery, arrangement, modifications with the procedures that the humans use. Engineering is a discipline that study and also design the new technology. Technology can affect how human or other animals adapt to their environment. The term can be applied to many things in general or to specific areas like information technology, medical technology and construction technology.

The first usage of technology by humans was the conversion of the natural resources in the simple tools. In the prehistoric period, humans learnt how they can control the fire and they increased the foods sources when they invented the wheel and helped the humans to travel and to control their own environment. The recent technological development include internet, telephone and printing press had reduced the physical barrier that existed in the communications and it allowed the humans to interact more at a global scale. However, technology was not always used for the benefits of the humanity since the development of the weapons had increased and its destructive power had multiplied from simple clubs to reach to the nuclear weapons.

Technology had impacted on the society or its surroundings in different ways. In many societies, technology that helped to advance economies may include global economy and it has allowed the rise of different leisure class. There are many technological processes that produce unwanted by products that lead to pollution and it depletes resources. Technology implementations had influenced the value of the society with the new technology that raised the new ethical questions.

There is always the philosophical debate that had arisen on how the technology affect the future and the present, while the disagreement on how the technology improves or worsens the human conditions. Some movements say that technology is pervasive which harms environment and it alienates the people which proponent the ideologies like techno-progressivism and trans-humanism.   Before it was believed that technology was used only by humans but the studies have shown that other primates with dolphins may be using simple tools and they have learned how to pass the knowledge to the following generation.

How the word technology has been used had changed in significant way for over 200 years. Before 20th century, it was not common in English and it was referred as the description or the study for the useful arts. The term can be connected to the technical educations. The term started to be used on everyday basis in 20th century in the connection of Second Industrial Revolution. The meaning of the term may have changed in early 20th when the ideas of German technik were translated as technology. In other languages there is the difference between the technology and technik which are translated into one word like technology by 1930s. It was referred as the study of industrial arts. Different scholars and dictionaries have tried to give different definitions to the term. Technology can be defined like an entity like immaterial and materials which was created by application of the physical and mental effort so that the user can achieve some values.